India is a country of varied terrain, climate, custom and heritage. The majestic Himalayas in the North, rich fertile plains lined by the Bay of Bengal in the East, grandeur of the Nilgiris in the South and Thar – the Great Indian Desert of Rajasthan in the West.

For an exciting experience, the Thar desert should be explored on camels. Camel Safaris take you through the golden sands of the desert providing you glimpses of the desert lifestyle and remote villages. With camps set up for the night, evenings are spent around special cultural performances on the sand dunes.Relishing traditional Rajasthani meals along with friendly folks makes Camel Safaris in the Thar a special adventure in India.

The Aravalli Range of mountains is one of the world’s oldest, with sandy fields, small dunes, beautiful hills and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. Camel Safaris in and around Pushkar are certainly the ideal way to spend time exploring the rustic and royal Rajasthan.

To take the heat away, lets talk of another desert, Hunder – The cold desert of India is a part of the Nubra valley in northern Ladakh. The Hunder desert, located at an altitude of approximately 4000 meters, is a vast stretch of silver sands, cut across by a gentle stream. The village nearby, surrounded by lush green pastures and snow clad mountains in the backdrop, make for a perfect setting of a romantic novel. Here, we find the Bactrian camels, which have two humps rather than one. Used as the only mode of transport along the ancient silk route, the middle-eastern traders left them here while on their way trading Pashmina and silk.

One of the most interesting of Safaris for those who prefer to ride. Depending upon the number of days, Horse Safaris are arranged in the green hills of Rajasthan. Quite a rewarding experience!